DC10 pushback problem/glitch

After pushback every time in the DC10/DC10F (except the refueling versions) this glitch happens. The plane rotates up even though it should be able to do it at that speed


Are you making your turns very tight and then hitting the brake button?

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Also, with that flap selection you may be generating a sufficient amount of lift after you hit the brakes forcing this to occur as you are suddenly inflicting another opposite motion. I do not know your weight and balance and if there’s any significant amount of wind or weather that is affecting this though which can be factors.

It shows his speed as 19 knots, there’s no way it could be generated by lift from flaps under normal weather conditions at that speed.

The only explanation I can think of is that the wind was heavily glitched out. However, you say that this happens every time, so I’m at a loss.


Yes a sufficient amount of wind can cause this to occur if you slam on the brakes due to the motion changing suddenly from a backwards motion to a forward motion.

Check your cargo weight to ensure it is balanced. It is likely that you have a majority of your weight towards the back of the aircraft, making it tip like this. Make sure ‘synchronise’ is selected in the weight/balance page:

Source: https://infiniteflight.com/docs/manual/pilot-user-interface/pause-menu

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Yea I was wondering why it happens every time because I’ve tried at different airports and it does it at all. And with the flap setting on other planes it doesn’t ever do it so that’s why I was a little confused

Yea I always make sure it’s balanced and is below the MTOW

Thanks I read all your posts and what confuses me is that it stops then tilts up and won’t stop it won’t stop it will keep going forever until You crash into Terrain and I was sad because I got ghosted for taxing on grass😂😭

Read this:

I had the same problem in the DC10

The only way to fix it is to turn the parking brakes on

Oop sorry I thought this was a whole other page😂

But thanks

Just to let y’all know it wasn’t the flaps or turning speed I did it without the flaps and without turning at all It still does it. Also I can’t control the throttle afterwards. But I just have to turn on the parking brakes(even they should do that automatically after u start the pushback

Maybe if nothing else is working, you could try putting a max cargo weight on the front of the aircraft, and none on the back. Then pushback and change it after you stop.

I will try this out on my device as soon as I can, but you could try it as well.

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