DC10 package not downloading

I hitthe downloading buttons and it never downloads I’m sad because I want to be a KC-10 pilots when I’m older

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Do you have a strong internet connection? Have you tried restarting your device and Infinite Flight?



Does it start downloading a little bit and then stop at a point or does it not start downloading at all.

It gets to the 100 percent complete but says installing then it says error downloading package

Okay, sounds like you may have a storage issue. Could you try deleting some photos and unused apps from your device.

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I have done that over and over again but it still doesn’t work

How much storage do you have available? Did you see my suggestion above yet?

I have 33 MBS left restarted infinite but it still didn’t work

You need at least 1GB of storage available. Try to free up some more space and then you should be able to download the DC10.


Thanks you for your advice and time!