Dc10 moved for no reason and caused ghost

So I had just pushed back and was waiting on the taxi way for my engines to start and for cleanrce, I had my brakes set and I had my throttles at idle, I then looked away for a few seconds to close my window a few meters away as it was cool and I came back and I was moving at about 30-50 knots towards the grass, I braked, applied spoilers but no revers were available and I ended up on the grass. Now I’m sure I did not do anything to cause this and would like it to be looked into/ do a repro because I got ghosted for this and I only have 2 weeks left of my sub and I strongly believe I was not at fault at all and it was the apps problem. Thank you,

Airport: PANC
A/c: Dc10

Hello, I already contacted a person from ATC (@joe) but he said he’s been alpha testing for years and never had this happen and I would need a repro to undo this ghost so I’m wondering how to do that. Nice to hear it happend to you as it shows the issue is possible and not me which they suggested. :)

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It’s been said many times, stay with your aircraft and your device during critical stages of the Infinite Flight experience. You are the pilot ;)


Also, 2 PMs and a second topic have been more than enough. Everything has been explained to you already. Please consider this an informal warning. Thanks (: