DC10/MD11 pushback problem

I got a wonderful update yesterday.
First of all, I thank all developers and testers involved in the release. Thank you for releasing it!

…Now, i have one questions.

When pushing back with DC10, MD11, the aircraft may not retreat.
I tried to lighten the weight of the aircraft, but the aircraft stops.
How can do pushback with DC10 / MD11?
Should I pushback a little more smoothly?

If there is a who knows how to deal with it, I would like to tell me.

Thank you!

Device: Samsung Galaxy S7

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Hello! Please read this thread and see Laura’s Solution. Thanks!

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Oh… I’m very sorry.

I missed it…😭

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No worries! See You in the Skies with the brand new aircraft! :)

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Thank you so much! :)

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I didn’t have a pushback problem, but I had APPR I’m for the MD11F going into
LAX. It was in 24L, however it was having me positioned to land smack dab in the middle of the airport and not on the appropriate runway