DC10/MD11 Next in Infinite Flight!

No it depends how long they take and the livery’s

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Do you honestly think it will take less than a month?

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It’ll take a while! Considering Laura gets in touch with real pilots to bring the best gaming experience to your hands!


I’ll extend my offer once again.

If the MD-11 comes out before the end of the year. I will buy it for you.


No I’m saying it depends if there adding md11 and dc10 then it might take 2

Its going to take more than two months regardless. FDS doesn’t just make these aircraft overnight.


Finally, someone that gets it. Guys, it won’t be two days for it. They need it to be perfect, the DC-10 and MD-11, with complete, accurate liveries and textures. Also, coding plays a big role. That’ll take a while. Probably not by the end of the year, but shortly after. We’ll most likely see progress shots, though, to get us excited!


please update before christmas

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The c-130 & ac-130 should come before Christmas but the DC10 & MD11 will come well after

There is absolutely ZERO chance of it coming out this year, so yeah…


I wouldn’t say zero, but I wouldn’t say one hundred either.

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Should this be continued here ?

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The announcement won’t be up until it’s arrival.


I do t think the dc10 will be ready before Christmas it will come in late January probably

Unless it’s already being worked on, I doubt it.

Remember my offer though. Heck. I’ll even extend it to the middle of January, You have six weeks to prove me wrong.

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I’m just saying usually it’s 2 months but it depends what aircraft and the livery’s

probably March, my best guess.

Yes your right probably in 3 weeks we will be getting images of md11 in game

No not that late that’s almost 4 months February we will be getting.it trust me March is to late for an update

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