DC10 gear glitch


I was practicing landings on solo with the DC10, and then when I looked at the gear, the gear holder thingies (please correct me) weren’t there!

Device: iPad 2018 9.7 inch
OS: iOS 11.4.1

I mean it’s just weird. Any tips?

(Don’t get mad at me @Northwest for making your plane look weird please! 😂 😂)

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There was just posted the same isue on a other aircraft! I would take a look at it :)

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It doesn’t necessarily needs to be the same issue.
Were you playing around with replay at the time @Latvia?


No, saw it in gear/bottom view, and then looked further into it on normal view

Happened to me in solo on the 789

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Just happened to me in the 787-10, but couldn’t catch a screenshot

I was doing go arounds in solo for some route proving/fleet induction testing-every time I replayed and set the sim up to a certain point-it was bye bye gear. A quick gear up/down command worked well-but for me-it was no gear at all!

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Obviously I’m furious lmao


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