DC10 Cockpit text displacement

I was flying in the dc10 and noticed that some of the text is placed incorrectly. It doesnt look good, i zoomed out back to default and it is suprisingly obvious once you know its there.

Not sure if it’s the same in the MD11

Hmmm, I’m going to have a look, when Seb wakes he will have a look as well and note it where necessary for the devs to have a closer look.

Update: Can confirm this. I’m going to assign @schyllberg to this and then he can handle relaying to the rest of the Infinite Flight Team.


Sounds good, definatly doesnt look right

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I’ve been wondering if I should make a centralized thread for glitches, so might as well post it here. Thoughts?


Seb instituted a new plan to keep track off issues when he was hired :)

Thanks for the help though.

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Not gonna argue with Seb. Thanks for the quick response

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Added to our list (: