DC10 Cockpit Rework

Yeah. It’s a bit of a dilemma. If we call it the DC10 we have the wrong cockpit. If it’s the MD10 we have unrealistic liveries not to mention a passenger version.

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I’d say any feature requests should be treated without any timeline in mind. Let the votes do their work :)

I just mean that there are still many priorities that need to be done and that could take some time.

The DC-10’s cockpit (only commercial version) should have the old cockpit, not the modified version in cargo DC-10s. It should be much more realistic to add the standard cockpit to the DC-10 commercial aircraft version.

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The DC10s cockpit is real nice. Unfortunately I don’t have any votes. But you have my support!

I hope when the devs eventually rework the DC10 cockpit they give us a steam gauge one. Flying a BA DC10 with a glass cockpit is lets say slightly unrealistic.