DC10 Cockpit Rework

Photo Is From DC10 Wiki page.

When the DC10 was added I was hoping that we would get an anolouge flight deck but we did not. Though the cockpit we do have kinda works with refurbished FedEx models, it feels very wrong to fly an older airline livery,with it. Not to mention that our DC10 FedEx livery is is unrefurbished condition. At this point I avoid the classic DC10s because of the oversight. Not to mention that we have a distinct lack of non-glass cockpits in IF.

I like the older cockpit but I think there are more inportant things like old aircraft reworks. But maybe in the future this would be awesome!


Since the DC10 and MD11 were just recently added
FDS will likely not take some time to rework them soon. There are better aircarft out there to be reworked.

Take a look at the 752 and 763
It’s just sad 😂


I think this would be a nice touch, just like the 742 and 744 have different cockpits, it would be nice to have different cockpits for the DC10 and MD11.

I believe there was a similar feature request relating to the C-130H having an analog cockpit, I’ll have to look for that. EDIT: Here it is.

In any case, the DC-10 (and C-130H) are the second- and third-newest aircraft, so my guess is that this won’t be top of the priority list.


The issue here is that there have never been any passenger MD10s so it is incorrect to have a passenger DC10 with a glass cockpit.

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The only difference between a DC-10 and an MD-10 is the glass cockpit and some internal structural changes, according to Boeing. If you want to get into the specifics, only a couple of the DC-10s included in IF are actually MD-10s, these would be the more modern ones. Older airlines like National Airlines would never have had MD-10s.

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Ikr its going to be more sad than my grades in high school


Yes this would be great and definitely a more realistic cockpit for the passenger DC-10’s

Let me correct you on that, there have been tons of passenger DC-10s. That’s why the plane was initially made, to compete with the 747 and be able to land/takeoff on shorter runways. So this statement is false.

I meant to say “There are no passenger MD10s.”


Not a problem, we all make errors. You are correct in this case as I believe FedEx is the only airline with that option available to them.

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Correct , I cant agree more. That’s the reason I only fly the MD-11 and not the DC-10. Except FedEx , all the cockpits for the passenger configuration of the DC-10 are not correctly modeled, I think they got a bit lazy in this case…:/

…or we became to impatient :p

😂 Yeah true. Especally the AppStore review keyboard warriors. I, for one would be happy to wait a little while for an authentic DC10 cockpit.

I’m really surprised they haven’t added analogue cockpit on the older models. As correctly mentioned by someone already, airlines like National would not have had the md10 upgrade

I thought the New Dc10s had them screen cockpits

Correct. They were named MD-10 after Boeing gave the DC-10 the MD-11 cockpit for FedEx’s request to increase its age.

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This cockpit doesn’t need a rework they just added this aircraft last December it’s too soon

If you were to ask me, this does need a rework but not anywhere near now. :)

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So wait, if we have that cockpit, then doesn’t that mean that we don’t have the DC-10, but the MD-10 in IF? So frankly I would be satisfied if they just renamed the one we already had. Except then we would have un realistic liveries…