DC10 appr issue

Yesterday I was flying in a DC10 and turned on the appr mode, the plane adjusted its altitude and got on the glideslope but was not aligning itself with the runway. So after some time I turned it off and somehow managed to land the plane which was flying parallel to the runway.
Android 7.0
Latest if version available on play store
S6 edge+


Which airport was this at?

HECA was the airport where this happened. RW05R

Did you have the correct runway selected?

Yes the correct runway was selected. The plane even knew it was not centered because the line on the instrument was way to the left instead of center.

I have had APPR line up wrong before and it was due to how and when I enabled it. If I was too far off of an angle it would end up being off from the ILS.

It is very hard to troubleshoot after the fact. If you can reproduce it with the same runway and try to get a video (starting right before enabling APPR) it would really help.

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My best suggestion is something you already did… Land the plane yourself! If APPR isn’t working correctly for you, then just take over the autopilot and touch it down! Landing is personally my best bit of a flight and should always be enjoyed personally as opposed to letting a system do it for you 😉


I strongly agree, manually landing is incredibly satisfying.

This happened to me also with the A320 on approach to Juneau Alaska.

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