DC has some cool buildings @ KDCA

Hey everyone, tis I, the Ruler of Reagan Nat’l. Instead of posting some corny and unfunny April Fools “joke”, I’ll show you some of my flics from part 2 of my previous post. Anyways, after Flagship Valor landed, no other special paint jobs were coming in till Allegheny Heritage at 8:20 PM, which was a tad dark for my camera. Anyhoo, @Its_Zee and I still took advantage of the lighting, and the structures visible in DC to add that pizzaz to our photos. Enjoy, or don’t, doesn’t matter to me.

Starting off with a relatively unusual aircraft, this CRJ-550 from Newark was still in the post merger paint

Next up is a photo my camera was struggling to take, since it wanted to focus on the water. Surprised my little ol’ 55-200mm could retain some detail.

After Chester departed for somewhere warmer than Northern Virginia, this magnificent Canyon Blue 737 decided to tap Lady Freedom on the shoulder, who sits on top of the US Capitol building

E175, nothing interesting about it

A not Canyon Blue 737 taking in the rays. The winglet sorta blends into the tail

Decided to take a photo of the airport for a change, and an aircraft I was barely unable to take a photo of landing, a Frontier A320-200 in the old livery, featuring Griswald the Grizzly and @ToasterStroodie’s 1973 Reliant Robin

Al fin, tengo un foto de Evo Blue getting ready to depart to possibly Houston.

Lighting is nice, detail isn’t… feat. the Washington Monument and a knockoff Eiffel Tower

Thank you for spending a small amount of your day viewing my photos, and enjoy your weekend. Bye :)

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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I hope DCA gets a custom tower soon

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lmao that’s a sick pic tho

@Robertine be like:



Wow I love the last pic! Nice spotting!

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Yep, it’s certainly a recognizable tower


Thanks! I was sorta experimenting when I took that photo, so Im glad it turned out decent!

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