DC-9/MD-80 Pushbck

I mean…Is this even safe? I had no idea that planes used to do this. So cool!


Wow that’s just cool

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Some airlines are just crazy

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Yep this was a thing. Airlines don’t do it now because of Fuel and ground crew. Just like AFP95 said: “This has been out of protocol since the 1980s”.


This has been against FAA regulations since the 90s I believe… someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m assuming that they stopped because it was a safety issue. But that still is pretty cool.

The engines are mounted much higher so the risks are far lower of it sucking in FOD.

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I dug deeper, why doesn’t everyone just use Google these days?

The majority of commercial airliners are prohibited from using reverse thrust to “release from apron”, or pushback. The primary reason is that debris is likely to be strewn all over the place with the type of power those engine’s produce. This poses a major safety hazard to all the ramp workers and to other aircrafts as well. The second reason, and this is more for airliners, is that it uses up quite a lot of fuel, which is just more cost for them. Doesn’t make sense money wise. Finally, the last reason is noise. Even though ramps and aprons are loud, with reverse thrusters, it would be incredibly loud. Ooh, almost left this out. Another safety hazard is that pilots can’t see behind them, increasing the number of ramp personnel that have to be by the aircraft.

Hope this answers your questions!


The money wasted on fuel here could be used for better service no?

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Love Ground Pound 69 lol


i believe aircraft’s did this to save money on the tug and what not

I agree, it is ridiculously stupid to waste fuel and possibly harm someone while doing this

I was going to use that quote too!

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They must of been short of push back trucks…

One of the many perks of the “Diesel 9” series. I wish I could’ve experienced this!

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The first video in the OP is clearly at DTW’s McNamara terminal which opened in 2002.

Check my second response :)

Was any one a pilot at this time on these types of planes. I’d really like to know how this happened as far as controlling goes.

WHO said this is a good idea?!

I would like to know WHO

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Called a Power out they don’t do them anymore because of the damage it could do!