DC-6 last flight over the Atlantic

Last tuseday (2.06.2020) the DC-6 LN-SUB finally returned to Norway Stavanger to be specific and was probably the last 4-piston-engine aircraft to ever cross the Atlantic.
The flight from Yellowstone was an outstanding 16 hours.
It took a low pass at ENBR (Bergen) before it flew to Stavanger. In Stavanger it took a lowpass over rwy 18 before taking a sharp right-turn to line up and land at rwy 36.
The plane is 62 years old and full of history, because it has operated both with passengers and cargo, in Norway and Alaska.

It’s the ending of a long, legendary history


One word WOW

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i didn’t know that DC-6 still used to fly over the atlantic… damn i really missed out…


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@anon38496261, care to play TAPS?

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