DC-3 Emergency (Spotting at Orly)

Bonjour, IFC!

Seeing that I had a 3 hour pause between classes, I headed to Orly (LFPO) for some planespotting.

It was golden hour, so I was expecting some good shots. However I was not expecting a day as hectic as today.

An Air France A3something I cant tell the A319 and A318 apart hihi
It’s shiny though so that’s good

A Transavia 737

At this point I was waiting for an A330-900 (my goal of the day) but it wasn’t there. What I saw instead was a bunch of wee woo wagons going somewhere and the NEO stuck in the taxiway far away. My goal of the day had the audacity to blow a tire when I came to see it >:(

Here is a non-neo the airline sent hoping to make me happy but I wanted a neo >:((

Here is a RAM 737 shining the taxiway

Here is another RAM 737 with a 50 sticker. I agree. 50 is a nice number.

Here is an Air France A320.
Let me know when you see it 😉

Here is a Vueling A320NEO going to (s)Pain

Anyone got a hedge trimmer?

Not last but least, a Pegasus A321NEO.

Now this is where it gets funky. I turn on LiveATC and a plane is circling, preparing for a low pass due to a stuck landing gear.

As it comes closer, it turns out to be a DC3.
I’ve spotted this one before too :)

I had to go back to class because I want to have a job one day, but here are some shots I got on my way back.

Thank you!




nice pictures! sorry about the a330 neo situation though. D:

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A319 has smol tail and A318 has big tail


I wish I had an airport near me where you could just go to like a hill or a spotting area. Atlanta is not very plane spotting friendly unless you wanna pay to either go to the parking decks or get a room at the Renaissance Hotel.


This time i was standing on a log (a log that i brought last time and left there) peeking above a concrete wall with a winch to keep barbed wire out of my face

Awesome pics! I hope the pilots were okay

I used to see DC-3, DC-6, and MD-83 in alaska (Everts Air Cargo). They’re in service with Everts and I’m pretty sure there’s actually an MD-80 that flies to San Antonio sometimes (the heck is it doing all the way down here lol, same with Northern Air Cargo 767s, which I didn’t know they have, in Florida)


Atlanta airport is surrounded by roads and highways, so it is a bit hard to do that.


Lmao fair enough

There’s an MD80 that flies to San Antonio?

Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today

Also, not sure if these fly or not but I see a fedex 727 on the cargo apron whenever I fly out.


Nice shots as always Bobertine


It’s “last but not least” lol. Still great pictures!

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Meanwhile @moritz chilling on his Besucherhügel

Not in this case

Its not last but its the worst shot 😉

Thank you very much flix

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That’s what my dad calls me lmao

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Tbh I’m surprised nobody noticed the fox yet 🙃


I’m pretty sure FedEx donated them to places for education and stuff. I didn’t know they did it to a bunch of other schools too!

There’s actually one on Merrill Field too (yes, an airport with a 5,000 foot runway) 👀

It’s for the local college’s aviation technology department (University of Alaska Anchorage)




That looks like an A320 to me as it has the extra hold door at the back and the double overwing exits (Yes, some A319s also have these, but i don’t believe Air France has this option).

You can see this extra door more clearly on your other Air France A320 picture (The one with the fox)

Nice pictures though.


Awsome. Love the old paint job of royal air maroc

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