DC-10F problem still occurs

Before you say this, I know this has been talked about previously, and an update was pushed but I seem to still have the same or similar issue…

When pushing back in the DC-10F, not the DC-10, or MD-11/F upon stopping the front wheel comes up, and it moves forward, seemingly accelerating… Seems to have been previously “fixed” but I seem to still have the problem…

Latest IF, and IOS version, IPad Mini 4…

Try to restart your device, if not, then reinstall.

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That did not seem to help…

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Can you provide a video or photo of what you are seeing?


Ya sure one second…

Here is a photo, the Eingens are off too as you can see…

This happens when you pull your yoke all the way up (indicating that you want the aircraft to go upwards). Because the aircraft is so back-end heavy, adding to this raises the nose of the aircraft. If you put your device so that your yoke is neutral, the nose should go back down.

If anyone wants to try reproducing, spawn in somewhere with a decent amount of weight and pull your yoke towards you as if you were taking off.

I recommend that a moderator reports this to a staff member :)

Until this issue is fixed, you’ll have to keep the yoke neutral on the ground while using the MD/DC Family.

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Can you do a screen shot of the weight and balance screen so we can reproduce it?


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I just tried replicating it I put fuel full and cargo full and did pushback it did a normal pushback for me it looked like you had a lot of weight from the pictures put up earlier I’m curious to know 🙂

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Just took these now. Between now and then I experienced a crash trying to do some stuff with the DC-10F it was, let’s say not made to do per say…

Upon returning to the game it showed the aircraft as not download (as it usually does when the game crashes for me at leas) after reinstalling the aircraft I have not been able to replicate this… Not sure what you all still think though…

I don’t think I changed it between the flights, if anything certainly not Cargo…

If you re-downloaded the airplane, you probably didnt download the fixed version of the plane earlier and did now.

If it weren’t redownloaded after he installed the update, then it means it wasn’t patched at all, but we can see it using the plane.

The elevators would be unlikely to affect the aircraft during a low-speed pushback situation.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qgEO-GYpg4 here is a vid of this happening to my friend moments ago hope it helps to solve the issue :)

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I have this issue with lighter aircraft such as the Cessna’s and the Cirrus.

Might it have to do with balance?
The DC-10’s centre of gravity is more aft than most planes. Try to add more Cabrio to the Front compared to the back hold.