DC-10 vs MD-11

The MD-11 is also a lot better built than the DC-10

At least they were both made by McDonnell Douglas

Offcourse MD-11 :) old MD fan :)

I think that better that both of those two it was the Locked-1011 Tristar. That was an amazing plane. Also the DC-10 had a problem in the doors that cause some accidents. And the MD -11 had another problem of design that caused the accident of the FEDEX in Narita airport in Tokio

I thought the DC-10 was made by MD as well

I flown with the DC-10 from Martinair (Spotted in Mojave during my vacation in the US) and 4 times with the KLM MD-11 to Bonaire

DC-10 had faults and they crashed a lot! Iā€™m going for MD-11

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Same. Our flight with the DC-10 got delayed by 8 hours.

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MD-11 all the way! šŸ™‚