DC-10 vs MD-11

  • DC-10
  • MD-11

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I’m an MD-11 man. But whats your favourite?


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Love KLM MD-11’s!
Too bad their gone. I got to fly on one during vacation from EHAM (Amsterdam) to HECA (Cairo). Unfortunately, I had to fly back to Amsterdam on a Transavia 737, horrible flight.

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Wow! I have always wanted to fly on a KLM MD-11, I never got to though.

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MD-11 is a thing of beauty.

Not as beautiful as many others, but I still love the airplane.


Why was the flight with Transavia horrible?

Few years ago, I flew with a MD 11 of Martinair

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Lol, nobody likes the DC-10. Too many crashes.

I flew to in a Md-11 to Aruba

With klm and i hope they Will inprove that info the game

@Snelweg_A15 Well, for starters when I booked that trip my itinerary had a KLM MD-11 for to and from Amsterdam to Cairo and back. Much to all the passengers surprise a little 737 shows up. Let me clarify the flight to Cairo was a KLM MD-11 and returning a Transavia 737.
Horrible flight due to the following:

  1. Full flight
  2. Delayed by 3 hours
  3. Bad weather which caused our flight to circumnavigate through Eastern Europe instead of flying more on a direct path to Amsterdam.
  4. 737 Transavia

Nothing against Transavia.

I should add that the flight crew were great given the situation.
Mind you, I was transferring through EHAM to catch a flight later that day for KLAX on a KLM 747.

I like DC-10, look like 747 had nearly same as Dc-10 http://www.airsafe.com/events/models/rate_mod.htm

Look at Concorde stats, one crash and it’s changed its history.

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That’s because it flew so few people. Frames only had 14,000 flight hours when they were retired IIRC. They could’ve flown on for far longer

i wished at least one passenger airline would still operate the md-11 or DC10


I wish I could of gone on the MD-11.

Swissair Md-11 all the way.


my uncle went on a continental dc-10 right before united retired them in first class to

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Both to be honest :¥

I really want them to make the MD-11!!!
It was my first plane I rode when I was little!

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Yeah make a MD-11 best plane ever in my opinion

Make an MD 11, best tri-jet