DC-10 tanker question

Yesterday I tested together with PH-AZD if we could refuel another DC-10 with a DC-10 (tanker).

We succeeded in the end, but how much fuel does it get? Does anyone know that?

(im testing this for an coming event)


You can refuel up to 100 percent of fuel capacity. There’s no limit in terms of one refuel but I’m pretty sure you can only refuel a select number of times per session.

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I think 3 100% refuel per session

How would this work in Infinite Flight?

@Michael_Sides1 this tutorial may help in getting a general idea on how to go about aerial refuelling in-app :)


Thank you sir

You were thinking about checking the replay to see if you could work out the fuel capacity difference. Did that show anything?

I watched the replay, but I could not read that information.

Photos by me

Global Air Forces deal with Air to Air Refuelling on a regular basis.

The receiver can take a total of three times it’s fuel capacity, but there are no limits to how many times you can connect to the tanker.

The tanker does not lose any fuel when a receiver is taking fuel.

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okay thxs.

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I had a plan to fly around the world non-stop. With a DC-10 air tanker this is an option, because it can also be refueled by another DC-10 air tanker.

First I will try to fly an F16 from Leeuwarden to New York.
With the help of others (you) flying a DC-10 air tanker so that the F16 can refuel.

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This is a routine mission for Global Air Forces - European Air Force (GAF-EAF) as we regularly transit from the U.K. to the USA.

If you would like us to assist you in your flight, just hit me up via DM and we can arrange something for you

Thank you for your generosity

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