DC-10 Return to Stan’s place

Hey there IF fans I know you’ve seen me take my small hops through the mountains of Pakistan with my SR22 or TBM-930. I decided to head back to a different part of Pakistan and Tajikistan with a little more of a commercial flare with another surprising challenge on top. If you would like to try this hop, I’ve included my FPL watch out for the gnarly steep approach and enjoy.

Aircraft: DC-10 (PIA)
Departure: OPSD
Server: Casual


These are awesome! I’ll have to try doing a retro flight sometime.


This looks like a very interesting airport, I will have to fly there someday.

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It’s definitely a challenge, if you like that sort of hop, you should check out my Montana hop I did the other day. It was only GA aircraft (TBM), but was a lil over half an hour, had some good scenery, and was a hell of a challenging approach.

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