DC-10 or L1011?


Sure the L-1011s were more expensive than the DC-10, but for it’s time the L-1011 was pretty advanced (from my point of view). The DC-10 was more popular because it was rushed to production.


Based on what I’ve heard from random YouTube videos floating around the Internet, the TriStar was definitely more “revolutionary” than the DC, and things like the stuff that @Joseph_Krol stated (in the first reply on this topic) are some of the major reasons why. The mechanical issues certainly took their toll on the DC-series (in my opinion); the TriStar overall seemed to be a much safer option for airlines.
However, I find it disappointing that the Tristar couldn’t make it any farther than it did.
Obviously, the DC was technically released first, giving it a slight edge over its competitor, and oil prices may also have taken a toll on the Tristar’s sales, but as far as I’m aware, the main reason the Tristar (and some other three-engined jets) didn’t do an amazing job in sales was because of their new (and improved) twin-engined brothers entering the market at the time.

But that’s just my opinion, shapened mostly by those (maybe biased?) YouTube videos I watched long ago.


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