DC-10 or L1011?

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Today, I bring to you a debate/discussion topic.

What is the better/more revolutionary aircraft, the DC-10 or L1011?

Both are revolutionary tri-jets that shaped and revolutionised the world of air travel. Both were widely used and acclaimed worldwide. But which one was truly better, and why?

Please debate respectfully!

The DC-10:

The L1011:


DC-10: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_Douglas_DC-10
L1011: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_L-1011_TriStar

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McDonnell Douglas went the safe route and if you look closely, there isn’t anything truly revolutionary. Not to mention the numerous safety issues.The L-1011 had a revolutionary autopilot that could land itself in any conditions, a superior wing design, and a less loud s-duct. It was truly an unsung hero of the tri-jets.


McDonnell rushed their design too.


They might have taken the safe route, but observe the impact the DC-10/MD-11 has had on the world. Many cargo operators operate this, performing global trade with this, for example.

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Can I vote for the Lockheed Martin TriStar? 🙋🏻‍♂️

If I had to choose one I would have to pick the MD11. 🤷🏻‍♂️


The MD-11 was essentially nothing more than a stretched version with more range.


You took our little debate public lol. Also, at least choose a better L1011 picture, doesn’t do it justice


The L1011 is better known as the Tristar but they are the same aircraft


The L-1011 is better because it had a much better driver than the DC-10 in its time, and because the RR delayed the new RB-211 engine, and the L-1011 has a much better safety data sheet than the DC- 10, and DC was much cheaper than Trist

I think overall safety wise, the L1011 (Tristar) was a lot more safe than the DC-10 due to the DC-10 having a rushed development with many terrible incidents. I like the look of the DC-10 more, but I would rather fly on a L1011.

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I chose similar viewpoints for each aircraft for the sake of equality.

I thought this was DC10 vs the MD 11…

Oh well I still like the L1011 better.

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The L1011 has a more thicc tail lol also it seems more aerodynamic

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Aerodynamica play a sizeable role, but aren’t the most critical.

L-1011 all day, DC-10 was too rushed and had too many problems. Also the reason Concorde crashed due to a piece falling off and puncturing the tire then the fuel talk, to turn the engine into that fireball on camera. R.I.P Concorde. L-1011 featured amazing advancements and safety. Giving passengers amazing comfort, also called the “whisper liner” due to its extremely quiet, yet powerful engines, also amazing pilot advancements. It had auto land! Could practically fly by itself!

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I see your point, but look at the long term growth of the two planes. It is much easier to see a DC10/MD11 in service now, than a L1011. Don’t get me wrong, I think the L1011 is an amazing aircraft.

Yes, but this is just which is better in general. The L-1011 is in everyone’s opinion a much better plane. Yet the DC-10 was cheaper and does cargo amazing. With MD being FedEx’s Prime customer.

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Not only better, this is where I am coming from. DCs and MDs revolutionised cargo air travel worldwide.

i think both are equal. the L1011 is my dads favorite airplane while I dont remember but my parents tols me i got to fly on a Continental Micronesia Dc10 from Guam to Hawaii

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L-1011 is so technologically advanced in its time. It had autopilot that could land the plane by itself more than 50 years ago.