DC-10 / MD-11 Takeoff Tutorial

thanks for the tutorial cant wait to fly this thing :)

Cool thanks Mark I enjoy watching these even though i can fly just to see them

Nice work Mark, this aircraft will be a next level challenge for the community as the MD-11 is usually a harder aircraft to handle on approach and departure then lets say a 787, this was urgently needed! :)

Great job Mark. I was having troubles taking off with the MD11.

Will definitely watch this, thanks for posting Mark!

Thank You Mark . Such an iconic bird , I remember spotting these beautiful crafts in the 80s . Look forward to flying them all come the iOS update,

Nice tutorial thanks Skyhawk Heavy :)

Thanks Mark. Very informative. Looking forward to flying this beautiful bird .

Didn’t know you needed that much power, I am not surprised by the trim though, amazing really…

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I can’t acsess the update but others can! How do I download it? It’s not pooping up.

@Aviation_nerd Read the topic I linked above ;)!

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Thank you I know understand lol, in the next few days/hours

If you squeeze hard enough the update might poop up.


Nice tutorial Mark! Great explanation as always. Will have to practice a bit in Solo to get the hang of the Tri-Holer actually.

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Thanks for those great tutorials, Mark.

They help a lot refining the technique ;)

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How can I see my pitch angle?

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Just an estimate mostly, but the first line over the long line is 5 degrees, next is 10 degrees, and so on.

There is a problem that other users have also reported that this plane, like the B757, the B77W and other heavy-duty aircraft, is not pushback.

LMAO I meant pop sorry

With some aircraft you can clearly feel their virtual weight when taking-off.