Dc-10/MD-11 pushback problems.

Laura that’s the key. If you lower your settings it pushes back just fine. I found if the rendering quality is set low it will push back just fine with no issues. Also if you raise it after or during push back it continues but a slower rate. Thank you for everyone who has helped.

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Lowered my setting it still dosent work this shouldnt be to hard for you guys to fix

😂 bold very bold! Lol


Im just being honest i have it on low and its still not pushing back

Laura I tried multiple settings in the graphics menu and for my device, as you said, with low frame rate AND anti-aliasing off, pushback gives normal result. When putting anti-aliasing on, after a longer pushback, the airplane stops.

I just pushed an update that should fix this problem for Android. Let me know when you guys get it.



Roger thank you …

The brake auto-releases when you hit the pushback button.

Is it a rollout update, if so I didn’t receive it yet

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Same i have not gotten an update

I got the update and so far, I can pushback normally with the Trijets. Thank you Devs!

It works

Should be the graphics
Not all high

Thx to you laura i can start my 10hr cargo flight with the md11…i appreciate you and ur team for making infinite flight the best flight simulator ever

you can just delete the app and reinstall it, always works for me

Thanks for the report!


I haven’t seen the update yet and for me to still push back I have to lower the graphics terribly low and that is still hit and miss if I can even push back

I just pushed it to 100% of the devices, check back within the next hours.


Sounds good I’ll keep my eyes open for it.

Got the update and everything works with the push back now. Thank you guys for the hard work you do to make this possible.

I am having the same issue pushing back. I will try lowering my frame ratd