DC-10 & MD-11 issues

Hey there, I noticed something funny but at the same time really annoying, can everyone try this and tell if you guys have the same issue?

The issue are these 👇

First image: the DC and MD ailerons are pointing upward

Second image: on the DC-10 the beacon light from the bottom doesn’t flicker

Third image: there’s a floating slat?


If there’s a mod here or dev to answer I’ll be thankful


It’s a known issue, the developers are working on a fix.


Yes, I know and we were the same. The game has an issue simulation by DC-10/MD-11 that involved 20.1 and 2 of 3D building that’s command for the patient later month resolved. Thanks.

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Hope to see it fixed, there’s no green nor red nav lights, the landing gear light should retract along with the gear , the ailerons are still pointing up.

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Do you have your landing lights on…?

No, that’s why I noticed it

That’s weird

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