DC-10 Liveries

Not sure which this category goes into, since this is more of a question than a feature request.

The photo above is of an American Airlines DC-10. But in IF, there is only the MD-11 American Airlines livery. I’m just wondering why the livery is only one of the planes, and not both.

So IF could spread the love to other airlines

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He’s not requesting, he’s asking on why it wasn’t added.

That, and I don’t have the required permissions to post on the features category.

You are correct sorry guys missed that part

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FDS cant add every livery to every Aircraft, or even add every Aircraft in IF for that matter.

They are a small team working on a game with a HUGE audience.

I’m sure of it that if FDS could add everything in that the Real World has, they’d do it in a heart beat ;)

Maybe if you keep liking, making creative and topics along those lines, and commenting on others Post, you’ll be able to post in #features and make this a request one day if you would like :)

Have a great Morning/Day/Night!

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I get that you can’t add everything to IF. But don’t you think it is a little weird to have a livery on only one DC aircraft, and not the other? Especially if American flew both?

FDS usually adds liveries and aircraft based upon popularity. So it’s understandable why they don’t add liveries sometimes. Now I know what you are thinking, Why doesn’t FDS add the more popular voted things? Well… the voting system is only to raise awareness of the demand. Then one day it might make its way into IF. If you want something, you can vote on an already made request.

Keep reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines and you’ll get to TL2 in no time. Then when you get to TL2, you can make a new request as the current request is outdated.

Have a good one,

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To put it simply, it is based on what FDS wants and what the community wants. 😉

alright, fair enough

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