Daytona Beach ERAU Live Fly Event 09/12/21

Hey everybody,

I am new to the forums and would like to see if anybody would be interested in a live fly event at KDAB. Based off Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univery. The event would begin on,

•September 18th, at 10:00AM EST.
•Server: Expert
•Available Commerical Routes
Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: A320, or 717
Vice Versa

Airline: American Eagle (Envoy)
Aircraft: CRJ-700, or CRJ-900
Vice Versa

•General Aviation
Aircraft: C-172
Livery: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Routes: Pattern work at KDAB, any surrounding airports.

Depending on feedback, I would love to be able to plan an entire south Florida region live event!

Hello, welcome to the forum, to make group flight please follow this thread below:

If you want to make an event, I think you need at least Trust Level 2 to make an event.
Good day

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