Dayton Vectren Air Show [Closed!]


Tomorrow I will be going with my family to the Dayton Air Show! If weather permits! it is going to be amazing!

Here is their website link:

I was wondering if anyone else in the IF community was going.

To good weather!


Sadly not going to be able to make it this year. Really wanted to see the Blue Angels and the Raptor. Maybe next year!

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Same with me. I also can’t wait for the “fake” Memphis Belle. I’ve seen tora, tora, tora before and the dynamite on the ground is amazing! (Simulating real bombs.)

I will probably post some pictures😁!

I just got back. I only got rained on for about 30 seconds but then I went into a plane!

Here are some pictures:
The Blue Angels!

The f-22.


The American Eagle CRJ-700:

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Oh wow, have fun!

I’d love to see the DC-8 flying.

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Used to go to that all the time with my dad along with the Cleveland Air Show when I lived up in ohio! Sad I cant make it but have fun this year!

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I go to Dayton on the 6th of July! I looked into coming to see this airshow by flying into Dayton early but I couldn’t have come because of my trip that I just got back from yesterday.

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They did have a dc-8 but it wasn’t flying. It was the Samaritan’s Purse plane.

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They also had a B-52. (It was on the loca news, and the fact that I live near Dayton.) if you are still there, then I would recommend that you visit the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum! It’s the largest in the world!) Sadly I could not attend, but I hope that you had a good time!

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I did have a good time! I have been to the National Museum of the United States Air Force At least 7 times! (I still haven’t seen everything!) I saw the Memphis Belle when I went because there were veterans there. I got a book signed.

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That’s good! Glad you enjoyed it and enjoy the rest of your day!

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