Daytime / Nighttime not working in global

For me, the day/night time cycle isn’t working. Any ideas?

Can we have some screenshots and device specs?

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Screenshots wouldn’t really help, it is most likely a server issue. (My prediction). Might just be taking time to load.

No screenshots at the moment, but I am using an ipad mini 3 i think running full settings

What do you mean with it not working? Can you provide some more details?

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It’s stuck on daytime

While you are flying? Or can’t you change in time settings to sunrise/sunset/night?

I’m using global, the devs said that there would be a working day / night cycle

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Yes, but you have to set it to “Current time” for that to work…


Ok where exactly in settings

Just bring up the pause menu in-flight and you should see “Time”. Same place as you did it in the old version.


Ok thanks :) also saw you today doing a transatlantic flight - you were right behind me

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