Daylight Savings Tonight!

I just made this post because A LOT of the world begins daylight savings tonight. With exceptions like the states if Hawaii and Arizona
This is important for Infinite Flight, because if you are planning on an overnight flight tonight, remember that you will lose an hour!

If you take off at 10 PM and plan an 10 hour flight, you will land at 9 AM, not 8 AM, just make sure to remember this for tonight when planning a flight


Ugh, I wish it would just go away!

I HATE Daylight Savings


Mine doesn’t start tonight but ends on April 5th. Gonna miss Daylight Savings.


Yeah, because it’s late summer for you right

It’s Autumn 🍂 now

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Thanks for the reminder! This is also important for event planners in areas affected because this will shift the Zulu time they put their event as

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Well, thanks for telling me, I totally forgot, @NoahM.


Can I just go on record and say that daylight savings is the dumbest thing ever! Make it go away, please and thanks.


Remember Flight Time remains the same for overnights.

Only Take 14 Days For A New Routine! :D

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And a lot of other countries.


Wellll that’s why I said a lot of the world, and I didn’t feel like naming the dozens of countries that don’t 😂

I’m happy that now it’s going to be light outside until 7 though!

But you didn’t say that? :P

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You’re right, I thought I did, but all I said was that a lot of the world changes

A lot of the world does not change for quite some time, most of it actually.
And i assume everyone knows how a clock works :)