Daybreak Departure out of PANC

I have brought to you today a special theme of air freight and the airport location is PANC or Anchorage Alaska these pictures like always were taken on solo and was just the takeoff the time was set to sunrise as in the title

Seattle Seahawks 747-8f departs Anchorage for KPAE to deliver the wings to a new 787 that will fly to lots of places around the world

After the 747 swiftly glides away into the sky the triple 7 from Korean Air Cargo rotates off of runway 7L at PANC bound for Seoul and the rest of the world

A FedEx MD11f joins the Korean Air along as it blasts off for Tokyo Narita Airport

Next up is the first MD11’s buddy another FedEx MD11 although this one is heading to Oakland but we will meet again thise two

And to break the departure streak of FedEx is a UPS MD11f scrambles off the runway off to HQ in Louisville

A sunshot of this Alaska Airlines More to Love 737-900 spreading the love to the rest of Alaska as it lifts off for Juneau

As the gold fades and shine streaks of light against this Alaska Airlines 737-900 it starts to fold up its landing gear and heads off to Seattle

The final picture an aerial shot from a drone of this FedEx 777F jeting off to Memphis Tennessee jetting off back to the home of FedEx
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Holy crap what that VS at… Great pics!



Funny and great photos!

Good Job!

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That Korean Air looks like he’s gonna stall any moment😂
But other than that, nice pics

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Anyways…nice pics - keep ‘em coming


Nice pics I like them just maybe a little less on the VS


That’s the joke - its deliberate

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Yeah I know

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Nice pics but too much VS probably not enough speed

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Very odd takeoffs never knew someone did that but oh well… It’s Tennessee btw


How did you not stall that 777 for Korean

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Wow! Great pictures!

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Those are some vertical takeoffs, I like the colors though 😂

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Nice Pics! Hate to be “that guy” but as a geography geek I have to say that it’s Seoul, not Soul.

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Gotta get that cruising altitude!

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Nice pictures! Those takeoffs definitely take skill lol!

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