Day two of a two day trip/United 737

Here is day two of the two day trip. Yesterday, I flew from Houston to Belieze City to Newark, before hitting the Hotel at Newark. Today’s leg consists of one Flight, and one Deadhead to get home. Originally, I was set up for an SMF overnight, then two legs, SMF-DEN-IAH, however there was a crew swap at the very last minute. Hope you enjoy these photos!!!

Flight Information:
Route: Newark-Fort Myers
Flight time: 2:25
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 737-824
Airline: United/Evo Blue

Here is the plane that I’ll fly to Fort Myers. I grabbed some breakfast and met the Captain and the flight crew at the Briefing room.

This aircraft came in from Cleveland, OH last night, so I started the aircraft up from Cold and Dark. Naturally, I did an extra through walk around of the cabin to make sure that nothing from Ohio was left behind on this plane.

Taxi out to the runway, being on time.

Departure out of the EWR airport!

Flying over the state of North Carolina

Approach and arrival into the RSW airport

One of my harder landings, but atleast we made it to the airport.

At the gate. Let the passengers off, did the post flight report, and headed on to my deadhead flight over to Houston, TX.

Here she is at the gate, my flight back home to Houston. The flight back was totally sold out, except for one passenger who didn’t show up at the gate. The wonderful gate agents were able to let me sit in seat 39B in Economy. The flight itself was quite uneventful, and we landed safely at Houston.


Thank you good sir for being responsible and protecting all of us from Ohio 🫡


the 738 has ER? woah

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Thanks for correcting my mistake. 37267 is not ER equipped. Facepalm

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Great pictures! Is it me or how did you make the pictures look slightly low quality? It looks good!

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Slight photo corrections with the default IOS photo editor

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I select “Auto”, then turn the sharpness up.

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