Day trip to Sylt!

You’ve probably clicked on this post and immediately wondered “Where in the world is Sylt? Well, let me show you:

So as you can see Sylt is situated west of Denmark but actually is in Germany! This island belongs to the North Frisian Islands which is a very small archipelago located in the very far north of the country.

Now that you know where Sylt is, let’s talk about the flights. I decided to go to from Zurich because I was in the mood to fly the A319 and I really like the SWISS livery. I flew there and back and the flight times were 1:15 and 1:19 respectively cruising at FL280 (they do it IRL too).

Morning departure from Zurich with the sun rising behind the Alps! ☀️

Overflying Zurich airport as we head north!

The flight goes by quickly and we’re already above Hannover!

We begin our descent as we pass Hamburg!

Approaching Sylt!

Nice landing on runway 32!

After spending the day exploring Sylt and the small town of Westerland, it’s time to go back home to Zürich.

Goodbye Sylt, see you soon! 👋

On the return flight we did pretty much the same route as on the way there, however we did fly closer to Frankfurt which gave us great views of the gigantism of the gigantic airport!

I was lucky as the winds were coming from the north which means I could land on runway 34. For those that don’t know, this approach is one of my top favorites as you fly over the Lake of Zurich when approaching. Check out this stunning base turn! 😍😍😍

And now, best for last: ending the day with a moonshot! 🌝

Welp, that’s it for today! I would really appreciate if you could take a sec to drop a like or a comment as I put a lot of effort into these photos.

Thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎉


Just gonna give this a bump.

Never knew Sylt existed, lol. 😂

Great photos @Philippe_Gilbert!

Wow that moonshot!

They are amazing, well done

I saw a documentary of Sylts airport a few days ago! I also flew there a few days ago, as a flight of my new “challenge”, where I fly every route from/to Munich. I wish we would have the A220, as it normally flies there.

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A very cool route with some rather nice pictures featuring many areas rather dear to my heart as someone who grew up in Northern Germany! The approach to Sylt is really nice and the airport rather special as well. Thanks for sharing these cool pictures!

Well done Captain, very well done. Can’t believe your not in a BA plane. 😂