Day trip - Cannes Chambery - TBM 930

**1) I did a short flight from Cannes to the Alps. I found the views worth sharing. I hope you will like some of them.

**2) Yesterday, expert server, Cannes to Chambery.

**3) here we go:

Pictures are in chronological order…


This would make for an excellent background on a PC!


Well this is… live cockpit, some fog, good sounds, and great scenery!! Love it.

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Nothing beats that 🥰🥰🥰

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Wait, what airport did you land at? There is no airport in Chamonix.

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Anyone know where @Tep_NEMO landed? I can’t find an airport in Chamonix.

My bad, was Chambery, not Chamonix. Will edit this… 😀

Thanks all for the nice comments, and sorry for the airport confusion!

Thanks, I am going to add it to my IF based series of background at work!

Awesome pictures! Flew down to Chambery myself in the E190. Beautiful approach!

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Thank you, was my first landing there. Gorgeous place indeed!

This one is my favorite! Nice photos!

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Thank you very much!

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