Day/Time Glitch

Everytime I switch the time, it glitches to day night day night then the game crashes. I don't know why it's doing this.

WestJet’s Trusty Troubleshooting Tale (Patent Pending)

What version of IF installed?
Can it be updated to a newer version?
Game settings changed recently or within the timeframe of this glitch?
Scenery cache cleared?
Tried a different server, solo, or changing settings?
Full shutdown and restart of app?
Full shutdown ans restart of device?
Device and OS?


The newer version of IF is downloaded.
I’ll try clearing the scenery and stuff.

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What is your device and OS? It could be a compatibility issue.

Hello there,

This is likely due to an overload of the device’s capability. If the graphics are set too high for the device (eg. There is low frame rate) then setting the time can cause the bug you are experiencing, as the time lags to what you set, and increasingly jitters back and forth until the game crashes.

I have experienced this before now when in replays on full graphics for a device that can not support the load.


This is it. Thanks another.

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