Day Three of Spotting @CYYZ 10-27-18

Hey IFC,
I’m back with the third part of my recent spotting trip to Toronto. Day three saw arrivals on runway 05, with the departures on runway 06L. Because of the rain falling intermittently, the runway waas wet, allowing for me to get some shots of jet spray. I hope you enjoy!

Lufty Cargo landing on 05

Old American Eagle ERJ-140, about to depart to LaGuardia

Delta Mini-Maddog (with twice the power) turning on to 06L

One of the only WestJet 737 MAX 8s holding short of 06L

A Rouge B763 thundering down 06L, heading to somewhere much warmer and sunnier

The lengthy lineup of aircraft waiting to depart on 06L

Sir Gowain and the Green Wings, some classical reading paired with an Air Canada B789

An dirty Egyptian 777-300ER (does anyone know what animal is on the nose?)

Dassault Falcon 900, registration C-GFLU

That is all for now, I will be finishing up in the next few days with part 4 of my spotting trip.
Thanks guys!


Amazing photos! But what’s up with that AC789 and those green wings? Is it going to be repainted in the new livery or was it de-icing fluid?

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Great photos! Love the new WestJet 737 MAX! By the way the bird on Egypt Air is Horus,the sky deity in Egyptian mythology.

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I believe that is de-Ice fluid. I think it was very cold that day.

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I believe that animal is the Egyptian God Amun-Ra

No,I don’t think so.

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That old E-140 is beautiful! Nice pics

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That Lufthansa Cargo MD11F is absolutely stunning! I wish I was near a big airport more often… Keep up the good work!

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Nice pics! Does anyone’s know the airports the Lufty MD-11 normally flies to?

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It think just EDDF normally.

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Those photos are stunning, show us more.

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@anon7075715 yes it was de-icing fluid
@SimpleWaffles @VAnuj @Jeffrey_Varga @affabletenet22 @hi15td Thank you very much guys!


Beautiful photos and don’t stop!

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Thanks @Captain_Awerty and @Dylan_M!


I am going to put it out there that these are some of the best photos I have ever seen. Keep up your awesome work!

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LOVE THE MD-11 BEST JETLINER! For real, great photos!

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Nice new livery WJ catch! I’ve seen it a few times but it’s still quite the stunner.

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Them air canada wings look so slick 👀

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