Day out at Camden Airport (YSCN) 23/7/17

On Sunday 23/7/17 I went to Camden airport for a day out with my scout group I got to fly a Cessna 172 with registration of VH-JBC. These were some of the photo’s I took

Learjet parked at the end off the taxiway with a SR22 at the edge of the image
Cessna Citation 3 with registration of N692BE
L39 Albatross of jet fighter experience flights

NSWRFS Cessna 172 VH-BXD
Scouts Australia Cessna 172 VH-JBC

Another photo N692BE


Cool pics man the Cessna Ciations Are awesome

Its not in NJ as the registrations are mostly Australian (The Private Jets are American N Numbers)

and the VH-BXD has the Australian Police Symbol on it :)

@Balloonchaser Thank you, Did my search on a US site. Saw Camden in NSW never put it together, should have paid attention to the Registrations, Dam# I’m getting old. Max


Hey @anon1277151 these pictures are amazing. I mean really stunning. nice shots man. hopefully we can see more from you in the future!

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