Day One of a Two Day Trip/United 737

Got called in by company to do a 3 day trip, IAH-BZE-EWR, with an overnight at EWR, then EWR-RSW-IAH. Hope you enjoy these photos!

Flight Information:
Routes; Houston-Belize City-Newark
Flight Time; 2:00, and 3:20
Server; Expert
Aircraft; Boeing 737-824ER
Airline: United/Evo Blue livery

Here is the aircraft that I’ll be taking to BZE, after coming in from SLC.

Taxi off to runway 15L

Departure and Climb out of IAH. Crusing at FL350. Few bumps here and there, but was quite smooth

Foggy arrival into BZE! I was very thankful to see the Runway in time prior to the mandatory go around at minimums. No go-around was made!

Gate change, and crew swap over to the next bird. The other aircraft will head over back to Houston while this aircraft will head over to Newark after coming in from Newark. Had the opportunity to grab Dinner before the night flight

Departure out of BZE airport

Would be nice to overnight here…

Good View of Cancun, Mexico. Crusing at FL330, and FL350 for the rest of the flight.

Arrival into EWR, and taxi to the gate

And welcome to EWR! Currently have a ton of time to spend in New York before the next leg to RSW. Hope you enjoyed these photos, Part 2 coming soon


Wow such a journey. 😍

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Did the MIA - BZE route last week, it’s a beautiful and scenic route 👏

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