Day of Spotting at Manila Ninoy Aquino

After you guys voted, I hopped straight on a plane to Manila to spot some more flights! It was quite a bit warmer than it was in Geneva, to the point I was sweating in the humid 27 degree Celsius air. The cool 4knot wind from the East did help a little though! I managed to get some Carriers I would not normally see at my local airport!


All flights were on Solo at various time of the day at Manila Airport

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I unfortunately was not able to get a good sleep since I had to be up very very early to make my way to the Shell petrol station next to the airport boundaries where I would be spotting for the day. This shell must be run by a fellow avgeek as it has a viewing deck on the upper floor! There was not honestly much choice with spotting locations, but this was the best of the rest! I managed to catch the reason I got up so early, Oman Air’s WY844 service to Muscat on their B787-8. This was departing at a painful time of 7:15 am…

About 10 minutes later I caught the national carrier Philippine Airlines and its A321 land in Manila after its 2-3 hour flight from Guam. PR111 leaves Guam extremely early to get into Manila at 7:25 am.

I spent the next 35 minutes just chatting to the locals, where they taught me some interesting phrases in Tagalog. But by the time I was even beginning to get the hang of it, the lessons were cut short by the roar of EK337’s engines as the Emirates B777-300ER service to Dubai started its roll down the runway 8 am.

The locals disappeared after that departure as they themselves had to catch a flight, I spent a little bit of time just repeating the words they tried to teach me over and over, but to no avail. By the time the ANA B787-10 service to Tokyo Narita, NH820 was turning onto the runway at 9:27 am, I had already given up and kissed my ability to be somewhat bilingual goodbye.

After the disappointment of not learning the phrases taught had passed, like the ANA aircraft passed me before I could take a picture of it rotating, I had grown hungry. But I made sure to come back up to the roof of the petrol station with my hot convenience store food at 11:20 am for Cathay Pacific CX901’s arrival from Hong Kong so I could witness the A350-900’s beauty.

After about 50 minutes, at 12:10 PM we got to witness the first landing of the afternoon as MH806 from Kuala Lumpur arrived on Malaysian’s B737-800.

We then got treated to our first departure of the afternoon as Philippine Air Asia sent their daily A320 flight to Dumaguete Z2643 at 12:40 pm.

I decided I was not done trying to learn, so I headed downstairs and the locals in the petrol station were willing to humour me. This time their efforts were not wasted as I finally got it! I will teach you the phrase at the end! But I made sure to head back up to the roof for the 4:05 pm departure of Cebu Pacific’s A330-300 service to Guangzhou, 5J308.

And only about 10 minutes later I managed to get a shot of an airline that I have never had the pleasure of seeing before. The Kuwaiti B777-300ER, operating as KU417 touched down from Kuwait City at 4:15 pm.

And for the final spot of the day I caught the daily service of QF19 landing at 5:37 pm from Sydney operated by the Qantas A330-300. Salamat sa lahat para sa iyong oras at panonood! (Thank you all for your time and viewing!)

Which picture was your favourite?

  • Oman Air B787-8 to Muscat
  • Philippine Airlines A321 from Guam
  • Emirates B777-300ER to Dubai
  • ANA B787-10 to Tokyo Narita
  • Cathay Pacific A350-900 from Hong Kong
  • Malaysia Airlines B737-800 from Kuala Lumpur
  • Philippine Air Asia A320 to Dumaguete
  • Cebu Pacific A330-300 to Guangzhou
  • Kuwait Airways B777-300ER from Kuwait City
  • Qantas A330-300 from Sydney

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I might hop on another flight tonight so I can do some more spotting, but I need your help deciding, where should I go next?

  • Edinburgh
  • Porto
  • Gold Coast
  • Lima

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Nice shots! For some reason I can not say Manila International Airport without the “Ninoy Aquino” so I always say “Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International”

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Thank you! I agree, it just seems weird to say Manila International Airport without the Ninoy Aquino, but I mean. Why call an airport the wrong name intentionally anyway right?

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Yeah! It is weird to say things by their wrong name, especially for Ninoy Aquino International! Not before 1983 of course.

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