Day Flyout @ OMDB Dubai International Airport

Amazing first Flyout after accepting by Qantas Virtual Group

Origin - OMDB (Dubai Intl Airport)
Destination - OMDW (Al Maktoum)
Aircraft - QantasLink A320
Flight - QFA987
Server - Expert
Time - 2:29 IST

At Dubai Terminal Gate

Take off very smooth (In the Air)

Beautiful Scenery From The Top

Hope like it…


nice pictures


what route is this? lol
nice pictures tho

Unless you meant something else @RiTeSH321


meant to ask What Kind of route. cause its a little far away from the australia

Wait qantas a320 at dubai? Interesting

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Just a casual fly

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Intresting a qantas A320 in dubai but nice pics

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Wow ! A Qantas A320 in Dubai, unusual ! Nice screenshots !

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Maybe the Qantas A320 was sold to a Dubai based carrier or something? Idk

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