Day Flight VS Night Flight

When do you prefer flying, in the day or in the night?

Both, I always fly in current time.


I try flying in current time, but since IF doesn’t have taxiway lights I taxi only during daytime to be able to see where I’m going 😅


Day, night is too hard to see currently but I do fly both. I like dawn and dusk the best.


Both, using current time… although for a VA or expert I’d switch to day for proper parking, can’t see the parking lines!

When I do overnight flights, I put the settings at night to make the screen as dark as possible, other than that, I always keep it during day

Meanwhile I set my brightness to near max(On moonless nights) to see the taxiway lol


Anyways I prefer both because I also fly on real time

It’s actually good to fly in both day and night so you get the experience of it

Used to fly at day only, but I have been flying a lot more at night. Something about 3D airports and nighttime landings just appeases to me now.

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Always in current time

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I always fly current time. But when it’s dark and I’m taxiing you best believe that brightness is set to max lol.

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