Day at EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol)

Today I’ve been at EHAM and I wanted to share some pictures. They aren’t very nice, I made them with my iPad.
My fav one:

And here are some spotting pics, runway 18R.

I hope you enjoyed them, I enjoyed my day really much!
PS I want to buy a professional camara, does anyone knows a good one?
Not to exspenive but good.


What’s your budget for the camera

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Let’s say €750, but rather something around the €500.

If you can find a good deal the canon 70d is very good. However a good deal would probably be around 650-700. The canon rebel sl1 is also good for around the price range you want. Whatever you get make sure it has the lens aswell and not just the body.


Nice pictures! That’s so cool that they have a Folker on display!

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Id look a cannon they have some good ones

Or buy a smartphone Lol jk

Yea, I had to choose between a 5c or iPad Pro, this is the best camara I have😂😂

I Pad pro looks good

That retro Austrian Airlines livery looks amazing!

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Here is another one. @The_Initial_Virus


Great photos! For the camera, I suggest the Cannon SX60, compact and portable but packing more than some DSLR’s zoom wise.

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HI, lovely pics I hear Amsterdam is a gem to spot at and is one of the most spotterfriedly airports in the world. I hope I can spot there in the foreseeable future. For the camera aspect of your post I personally use the Canon 750D or T6i I recently purchased it and it costed me around $775 USD

The 750D gets pics like this

If this is too pricy for you than you should consider the Canon T6 or T5 or 1300D and 1200D respectively these cost around $500 USD and can get some pretty awesome pictures The T5 is what @JRRaviation uses I believe. If you want to go with Nikon you should go with the D5500 which is comparable to a 750D (the one I use) or the D3300 the one comparable to a 1200D.

Please don’t hesitate to DM me if you have any questions or concerns

I hope this info is useful Thanks

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Lovely photos! What a great location to spot!


when i saw the first picture i thought “wait, didn’t KLM already retire their Fokker 100’s?”
Then I saw the pic of it on display and i was like, “oh, ok” XD
btw, love that Austrian Airlines retro :D

That picture is lovely! Many thanks for Your advice. I probably will buy the 750D because many people reccomend it.

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Oh that’s awsome, I drove next to the hangars yesterday! Did you also see Qatar airways freighter and turkish Airline freighter? @nvankoert

I really love the KLM new livery on the 737-700! Your pictures are great! Really stunning!

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Waarom zou je een 5c kopen? Welke IPad Pro heb je? 10.5?

Of course I did just as 2x Martinair 744,DHL another ABC, they were at the same ramp 😃

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