Day 2 of PHX Spotting-Golden Hour/Night Edition

Pretty simple description this time; still in Phoenix, so I went back to Sky Harbor. There are beaconshots this time

Starting off I got a shot of the tower with the setting sun and the shillouet of a 737 in the background.

Yesterday I got a panorama of the American Airlines side so this time I decided to get one of the Southwest side.

Once the sun started to set I decided it was time to start getting some shots of the lights. This was the beacon of a Southwest 737-700.

Here is one of me overlooking the ramp facing runway 07L and 07R.

Prime Air 737-800F beginning its takeoff roll on runway 25R.

One of my final pictures of the night was an American Airlines CRJ-900 beacon shot.

To close off the night I got a veiw of the ramp with 3 planes of final.

I am going to review the rest of my photos from this evening and will post them if I find so.e good ones.

If you didn’t see my pt. 1 thread you can see those pictures here A Grainy Galaxy S8 Session at KPHX (Specials Included)

Stay tuned for part 3 which will be a session tomorrow morning.


Great shots!

Good job!

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Looks like a -700 to me…

Nice pics!

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I like the flow my guy

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I love the first picture especially! Breathtaking

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I really like these pics man! Did you shoot these with your Galaxy S8 too?

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Yup. The S8 is the only camera I own.

@Suhas Yeah I see that now. I was really tired when I was posting this.


Cool, i love night pics!

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Amazing Pictures! Stay Safe.

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Thanks. We are still wondering if we will have to return to Colorado early due to the possibility of a nationwide shutdown.

Keep up the good work, See you in the skies. That sounded Bad.

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