Day 1 of the North Georgia Airshow!

Hey everyone! I mentioned in my previous spotting topic that a military topic would be coming soon and here it is. Or at least the first part…

To kick things off, here’s one of my favorite shots I have ever taken of the C130, and it’s from my very own Dobbins ARB. This photo was taken right after the airdrop demonstration, which can be seen in the photo below!

Here we have a Dobbins ARB C130 dropping cargo as part of a airdrop demo we got at the airshow! The aircraft then performed a short distance landing (touchdown seen above) and also did a steep climb out of Rome.

Next up we have one of my all time favorite military aircraft, the A10 Warthog. The paint job the A10 Demo Team has given this aircraft is absolutely stunning and blends so well with the trees behind it.

By far my favorite type of shots to capture of military aircraft are vapor shots, and with the humidity on Saturday, the A10 did not disappoint! This was the most I’ve ever seen come from an A10 and I easily have 80 shots like these now!

Next we have the C17 Globemaster, a giant of the skies, and the C17 demo is by far one of the most impressive things I have ever seen! This aircraft does perform a max climb takeoff which is insane!

Next we have a shot I have always dreamed of getting, but never thought I would. The weather conditions worked out perfectly in my favor for this shot and when the C17 began applying its reverse thrusters, a vortex formed in front of the engine.

Finally, I have a shot of the second A10 Demo Jet. The Thunderbirds and F16 Demo Team were scheduled to perform but due to weather they were unable to fly up from Dobbins. I did catch them my second day at the show though so they will be featured in my day two topic. Since they could not fly up though, the A10 demo team was nice enough to perform a second time in the other jet!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

As always, NONE of these photos are free to use, contact me for permissions.

If you want to check out more of my work (or Airshow pictures that will be coming in the next few days) follow me on Instagram @jackson.aviation



That second A10 is FIRE!

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Thank you so much!

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Haha A10 go brrrrrrt

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Beautiful Photos!

The first A-10 livery looks amazing!

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Thank you! I agree, it looks fantastic

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Beautiful photos

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Thank you!

If only they were still doing the Warbirds Airshow in NC, lol.

Awesome photos there, love the condensation there!

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Thank you! We got quite a few warbirds that attended, may need to make a topic solely on that

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A10 go brrrrrt

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@Nate_Schneller 👀

Awesome shots dude!

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Man, if only the F-22 Demo Team was there. You’ll see a weather machine in action. Take note that if you see an A-10 pulling vapes, chances are you’ll get something good out of other demos.

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You have quite the infatuation with the Raptor. Its the only thing I ever see you fly.


I don’t blame him it’s by far the best fighter jet out there

Thank you!

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I practically begged them to come, messaged them almost every day too. As for other demos, the C17 did pull a bit of vapor so I may post that soon, but the final ones had to be canceled due to weather

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