Davide DC’s session. ATC @ LFBO (Closed)

Hi, I recently passed my IFATC written test and I want to practice my sequencing.
I will be at LFBO on training server, today from 1400z to 1700z.
I will control Ground and Tower.
Accepted: patterns, transitions, runway changes, landings, departures.
I appreciate everyone who will take part and will correct me if I do something wrong.
See you later 👍🏻😃

Ps. I can’t edit to tutorials because I can’t find it, so I selected Live.

Hey, great you’re on your way to IFATC!

I suggest making a tracking thread for this purpose 😉

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For future reference, the correct thread is the one in #tutorials. That one is just a question on why someone hasn’t joined his tracking session.

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Take a look at the yellow post, and feel free to create a proper tracking thread.

I look forward to seeing you in IFATC soon!