David_Mullen’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Tag me when you open again Ill be free for the next coming up days :)

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Feedback From I-MFOX

  • you had a basic knowledge of ATC.

  • I think transition 2500ft will be much better than 3000ft.

You have to monitor of Aircraft with clear for the option which will Full Stop or Touch and Go
Option includes both of them

There is not anything about to tell more


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Feedback C-FMXA

  • Transition was correct.
  • Great sequencing with my inbound pattern entry
  • Clearance was correct
  • The speed commands weren’t really necessary, I had 4nm with the traffic ahead and was slowing already. The speed at your discretion on 1 mile final is not needed since I should already be at final approach speed.
  • Runway change was perfect

Great session, Keep up the great work, Hope to see you in IFATC soon.

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You did a great job. No mistakes and you correctly handled my runway change request. Keep up the good work.

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Can u tag me next session?

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Thanks for the feedback. I am working on not making the mistake you mentioned (landing vs. T/G).

The formula I use for transition altitude is (aeridrom level + 2500) rounded up to the next highest 500 feet This gives 3000 for anything from 1 to 500 feet.

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Thanks for the note on speed commands. Illr review the replay. My thought pattern was “That guy looks close and is closing. Go around? Nah. Speed request? Yeah. Try that first.”

Anyway, it was a good workout. Thanks again.

Completed @KPDX

When: 2021-04-10T23:45:00Z2021-04-11T01:15:00Z

Airport: KPDX

Server: Training

Purpose: Ground/Tower workout for upcoming practical exam — Ground work, pattern work, transitions, runway changes, go arounds, etc.

Aircraft: pilot’s choice

Runways: 28L, 28R

On my way!

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10/10 service! You got the basics and got everything I threw at you! Now all we need is traffic to “stress” test you. :)


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I had a pretty busy session Thursday. Thanks for flying.

Sorry about the accidental exit runway command.

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No your fine you caught it fast. Happens to everyone xD! Have a good rest of your session!