David_Mullen’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I had this guy spam my KLAX frequency on TS so I just had to ignore him. He set the whole frequency on fire


Pattern work,transitions, departures, inbounds.

Server: Training

Airport: UKBB

Time: 1530Z - 1700Z

Runways: 18L, 18R

Aircraft: Pilot’s choice

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I’m coming in! I’ll be N999SB

Thanks for coming.

No problem

I will come

Hi. I was DONUT in the A10. 2 things:

  1. I was approved for a transition at or above 3000, the same altitude @skynatkee was at. I could’ve descended and crashed into him. I should’ve been approved at or above 4,000.
  2. Little late frequency change, although it’s hard to judge distances in the ATC menu.
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Yep. Remember 1000’ vertically separated from the pattern and other transitions!

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500ft should do the trick. You are not flying IFR, subsequently the VFR rules apply for transition/pattern work. You must be at all times at a minimum of 500ft away from any obstacles/other aircraft

Also pointing out the fact you can give two or more aircraft transition at the same altitude, as said above, VFR rules apply and pilots are responsible at all times to stay over the minimum separation rules. But if you feel a crash is gonna happen, be proactive and clear 500ft high


Sorry had to leave, you did good so far!

Yes. I know my transition was correct though.

Thanks. Good to know how to handle a double transition. Never ran into that one before.

Hey, great session! Here’s the feedback…

  • At 16:12:54, you gave me no pattern direction with the option clearance, you must always give a pattern direction. For example, you should’ve said, “N999SB, number 1, runway 18L, cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic.”

  • At 16:11:08, you gave me the correct transition!

  • At 16:26:09, have to give me a pattern direction after a runway change. For example, you should’ve said, “N999SB, number 1, runway 18L, cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic.”

Anyways! Great patterning session! Have a great day!

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Hey there! I was N813EK…

Couple of things I’d like to say,

  • I did an aborted takeoff, you gave late exit clearance… I saw you were typing on the forum so not the end of the world :)

  • Why did you clear Delta 777 for takeoff on 36 when 18s were in use?

  • Like @skynatkee mentioned above, you just cleared me for option after pattern entry for runway change… You corrected so that’s good.

Otherwise good session :)

I suggest you check this tutorial out…

Read the manual here and try familiarizing yourself with the procedures…

Thanks for the service and have a good day!

I saw 777 had a flight plan departing North, there was no pattern traffic on the east side, there was zero other traffic, and if I recall correctly, 36 was closer. So, it was mainly as a courtesy to the pilot.

Are there any rules to follow on this. I have searched IFC and not found anything. The ATC manual says use all runways. It does not specify whether or not you can use both ends.

Thanks to all for flying today. Nice run-through. I didn’t expect such a good turnout. You helped drive home to me the need to assign left/right traffic after runway change. I “knew” that, but now, having run through it a few times, I “get” it.


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Use all runways doesn’t mean use both ends at the same time. That just causes problems where you can have planes flying into each other. What the manual means is if you have parallel runways/intersecting runways, use them all. Let’s look at KSFO. The winds favor the 28s and 19s. Use all runways would mean using the 28s and 19s. It does not mean you use the 01s and 10s as well. You choose one end from each available runway and stick with it, not choose both ends and use them simultaneously. Hope this helps!

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You are invited to come to the North Carolina piedmont to fly pattern work, etc.

Server: Training

Airport: KGSO

Runways: 23L, 23R

Time 19:45Z to 21:30Z

Callsign G0801

Good work :) I got no comments for you. When I departed west I was supposed to test you on transition on return but I hit the wrong command “Request for Landing” oh well :P

I would have replied transition ok at or above 4000.

Thanks for flying!


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