David_Mullen’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread. If you have time while I’m open, please come by and fly patterns, transitions, etc. See you there. Of course all feedback is welcome.


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Server: Training

Airport: KFAT

Date - Time: June 18- 0200Z - 0300Z

Runways: 29L (7991 x 150), 29R (9529 x 150)

Aircraft: Anything goes!

Coming in to fly some patterns!

Thanks. See you soon.

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Thanks @Brantain. Nice “test”. Questions
Would you rather that I sent Contact Ground for your initial Ready To Take Off request ? Why didn’t you enter right downwind as I asked at the end?

N380VX (Cessna)!

Here are things that I noticed:

  • You did not respond to me in a timely manner when I asked to taxi to an active runway. I assumed there were connection issues so I changed my callsign to NORDIO. Tower’s commands were fine though.

  • Upon taking off and turning crosswind, I did not receive a clearance for the option. Ideally it must be PROACTIVELY issued at late crosswind, early downwind, but issuing it whenever comfortable is fine. I should not ask inbound.

  • Good entry for the runway change, and nice and early issuing of the clearance for the option.

  • Transition was good.

  • Entry for landing to 29R was wrong. I am atleft base to 29R, not right downwind; therefore I should enter left base. When someone calls inbound for landing/t&g, you should make the entry as convenient to the pilot as possible. Clearance to land was a little late.

  • Perfect timing for the exit runway command. Perfect speed and proximity to exits.

  • I purposely taxiied through ground to check for awareness. You nailed it.

Here is a helpful resource to your journey:
https://youtu.be/h6vvTq2yxuk (The Perfect ATC test)

I hope to see you soon! Thank you!

It’s inconvenient. But as a pilot, I must follow ATC, so my bad on that part.

Thanks for flying and the thorough feedback.



Server: Training

Airport: KBOI

Date - Time: 0030Z - 0200Z

Runways: 28L, 28R

Aircraft: Anything goes!

Wind - visibility: 34006KT - 10SM

ill stop by if youre still open

Just opened…

Slow night.

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I’ll stop by

Ok. Thanks!

Based on the quick session I had flying through:
• Used both sides of the runway. Wouldn’t recommend that
• Changed runways without giving a pattern entry. You did give sequencing, which is good, but a pattern entry would be necessary, and sequencing can be added to it.
• Right traffic off the left runway (28L). Would not recommend that unless you’re changing the runway and there isn’t any issues with the traffic on that runway.
DM me if you have any questions :) Good luck controlling!

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Cleared for the option make XX traffick needs to be giving on entrys and runway changes

Exit Runway is at 30-40kts for GA aircraft and 60-70ktsfor jets

Everything else will come with practice

My advice watcg the tutorials and keep practicing

I think @Tish will explain more

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Feel free to DM me if you need any help or have questions

Ok time for feedback!

Note: I was testing you and your protocols today.

If you haven’t already, this video should be the best video for you. I tested you on almost everything on this video today:

Main Problems:

This is listed in chronological order

  1. When I requested taxi I really meant it. First my airplane was positioned outwards and the F-22 and a couple of other planes can’t pushback. They don’t have that feature.
  2. may have broke spacing to test your protocols😉🤫. When I was behind that aircraft on 28R I would’ve called a 360 for spacing and a slowest practical speed and then that aircraft would’ve been on short final when I was done.
  3. When I was finished slowing down you should’ve issued an exit runway and hold short command or a cross runway command.
  • Good job on noticing the frequency change duplicate on the ground and for handing me off on the departure!
  • The transition altitude was very appropriate considering the airport elevation and the pattern altitude. Good job!
  • Good job on giving me a pattern entry on the runway change!
Areas of Improvements
  1. You should provide a quicker response when I contact you. Jets like me fly at like Mach 0.50 so it’s hard when we get a delayed response especially when close to the airport.

Thanks to all for flying and the feedback. So, on TS, what do you do with someone like the A321 insisting on 10R when the 28s were in use. He ignored my pattern entry for 28L 3 times. From that point on, I was pretty flustered, to say the least.

It’s the training server, so all you can do is ignore them and do the right thing. If you gave the correct pattern entry then you’re good, not worth caving in to someone not following the rules or doing the right thing :)

I mean, frequency change approve every time he transmits a new message seems well to me