Dates playing up on the community!

Just this evening my scroll columns dates on IF have started playing up causing me to confuse myself! I am on an Acer Aspire E15 Laptop with the latest systems and have refreshed multiple times and reloaded the web!

Here is a picture the problem can be seen on the right hand side!

As you can see the scroller on the right is saying April 2015/6 and not varying away from 15/16!



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What exactly is the problem?

I’m confused, what should I be looking for in the picture?

I said! Look to the left at the column!

What are you pointing out?

The thread started on April 15th

It has not messed up the mods…

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Scroll up to the top. Then it will change. All the posts on your screen are from the 16th.

Isnt that the year?

Confused now?

That’s not April 2015, that’s April 15th

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Oh gosh!

Sorry all i really need to finish off on the forum!

Not going too well today! Giving mods unneeded work and going mad!

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Go get some sleep