**DATE TBD** Burbank Hollywood Fly-Out @KBUR #expert #atc-needed

Join me (@donkeydog87) for an exciting Fly-Out at Bob Hope Airport (KBUR). Ranked the best airport in the country in 2019 by Fodor’s Travel, Burbank has a lot to offer, and to locals like me, Burbank is a hidden gem in the greater LA area. Experience the thrill of realistic flight operations, departing and arriving at this iconic California airport.

DATE TBD I have to reach TL 2 so I will reschedule the event once that happens.

Server: Expert


  1. I am not responsible for any violations you may receive.
  2. Please listen to ATC.
  3. If ATC is not present, use UNICOM appropriately.
  4. Make sure to enjoy, and have FUN!

Gate Assignments

Terminal A

GATE A1 - Southwest 737-700 to Oakland(KOAK):

GATE A2 - Southwest 737-700 to Phoenix(KPHX):

GATE A3 - Southwest 737-700 to Denver(KDEN):

GATE A4 - Southwest 737-700 to Salt Lake City(KSLC):

GATE A5 - Southwest 737-700 to Las Vegas(KLAS):

GATE A6 - Southwest 737-700 to San Francisco(KSFO): @donkeydog87

GATE A7 - Southwest 737-800 to Portland(KPDX):

GATE A8: jetBlue - A321-200 to New York(KJFK):

GATE A9: American - E175 to Phoenix(KPHX):

Terminal B

GATE B1 - Delta - E175 to Salt Lake City(KSLC): @Ty_Davis

GATE B2 - United - E175 to San Francisco(KSFO): @Enrique14

GATE B3 - Alaska - A320-200 or 737-800/900 to Seattle(KSEA): @Generic_Flyer

GATE B4 - United - A320-200 to Denver(KDEN):

GATE B5 - Avelo - 737-800 to Tri-Cities(KPSC): @United403

Fedex Ramp

FedEx 1 - Fedex - Cessna 208 to San Diego(KSAN):

FedEx 2 - Fedex - Cessna 208 to Imperial County Airport(KIPL):

FedEx 3 - Fedex - MD-11F to Memphis(KMEM):

The MillionAir Ramp is open to anyone! I recommend flying the Challenger 350 from there as many private jets fly at Burbank.

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Hi, Can I get B2 to SFO? E175

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Yup! Thanks for joining!

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I love your event however, you must be TL2 to create an event based on the guidelines linked below. Keep liking, posting and commenting and you will be there in no time!

Take care!


(The live category involves anything regarding live servers.)

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Am I allowed to keep my event up or should I take it down and reschedule it once I reach TL 2?

Unfortunately, you must be TL2 in which I recommend you save all the information etc. and repost when you reach TL2. However, I will let the moderators have the final say.

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Ok, thank you, and one more question. What is the quickest way for me to get to TL 2?

That’s your answer! Again, I am not a moderator just wanted to give you the heads up.

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Me please!

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Done! Not sure when the event will be held due to my trust level but I will certainly hold that spot for you!

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This but ab Avelo B737-800 to Pasco/Tri Cities

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You are signed up! Date TBD

Not sure if I could join because of the TBD, but put me on standby for the Alaska flight to Seattle

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Sounds good I’ll put you down

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