[Date Changed] The City of Lights Airshow @ KLSV - 011813ZAPR19

Server: Casual

Airport: Nellis AFB [KLSV]

Time: April 10, 2019 @18:13 Zulu Time


Come join us on our first annual City of Lights Airshow, hosted by @Vidal99977. There are 10 spots available for any user who wants to join.

List of gates for participants:

*All rows from 10/1 to 45/5 are available.

For spectators:

LOLA North 1 ro LOLA North 6

LOLA South 1 to LOLA South 6

List of Participants

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Just saying, if there is no sponsors, you don’t need to put “Nobody”.

Cool event otherwise! 👍

Hello! Please follow the guidelines for making a #live:events topic!
I also removed the sponsored by nobody as it is not needed. Thanks!
One of the fellow regulars has fixed your title. Please use as future reference!

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I fixed the title @Niccckk and @WestJet737767 :)

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Ill take a spot

I would like to display in an A330 if that’s ok.

@QuandoFlight @morgan99 you’re in!

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Here’s a video of my A330 display, I have performed it to the public for the first time at the Davis Monthan Airshow this weekend just gone. It went down very well.

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Can I join at any gate With the a320?

Sure! I’ll see you there!

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